Sheridan College hires Sasse-Englert as Dental Hygiene Director


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Sheridan College hires Sasse-Englert as Dental Hygiene Director

Sheridan College dental hygiene instructor Janine Sasse-Englert will take over the duties of Dental Hygiene Director this fall.

Janine Sasse_Englert IMG_9890djSasse-Englert has worked in the dental hygiene industry in northern Wyoming since 1985, following her education at Weber State University and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

“I’m excited to start this new phase of my dental hygiene career,” Sasse-Englert said. “Our Sheridan College program has an excellent reputation for preparing students for their dental hygiene careers. Our graduates do well on their board examinations and are sought after by dentists who want to hire outstanding clinicians.

“I believe my education and experience can help our program continue in this fine tradition. I look forward to leading our dedicated team of faculty and staff to provide the highest quality educational preparation for our students.”

Sasse-Englert has been a valued Sheridan College employee for 18 years, said Trudy Munsick, Dean of Health Sciences and Outdoor Education.

“The Health Science Division is thrilled to have Janine as part of our leadership team,” Munsick said. “Janine is a knowledgeable and passionate professional, dedicated to best serving our students and community. Sheridan College is the region’s leading provider of dental hygiene education, and Janine is the ideal person to guide the program.”

The Sheridan College dental hygiene program has a longstanding history of exceptional leadership, Munsick said.

The program launched in late 1960s. In the early 1980s, then-SC program director Dr. Gordon Myers coordinated with the University of Wyoming, whereby students could earn UW credit for much of their dental hygiene coursework at Sheridan College. This resulted in many earning dual degrees – an associate of science from Sheridan College and a bachelor of science from UW.

Such innovative thinking, Sasse-Englert said, kept the dental hygiene program viable in a time when many community colleges were considering cutting their dental hygiene programs.

“As health care delivery continues to change and evolve, I want to use the same innovative spirit and thinking Dr. Myers showed in the 1980s, to keep the Sheridan College dental hygiene program a vital part of meeting the dental health needs of the public,” Sasse-Englert said. “As research continues and evidence suggests more efficient techniques and technologies to achieve optimum oral health, I want Sheridan College to be on the cutting edge of providing that education to our students, so that those graduates can, in turn, go out to their communities and provide the best care for their patients.”

One of Sheridan College’s most popular and successful areas of study, the dental hygiene program offers high-quality dental hygiene services at low costs to community members throughout the academic year. The SC program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Sasse-Englert will replace current SC Dental Hygiene Director Jan Dill, who is retiring later this year.


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