SC to host digital media, film exhibition “Alhazen’s Carnival”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                            February 27, 2014

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SC to host digital media, film exhibition “Alhazen’s Carnival”

The Sheridan College Art Department has curated an art exhibition featuring artworks in digital media and video that will be displayed throughout the 2014 spring semester. The exhibition, titled “Alhazen’s Carnival,” will be exhibited in conjunction with the “Insight Lecture Series,” hosted by the Sheridan College Foundation.

“Alhazen’s Carnival” will feature seven artists on a rolling loop. The exhibition will be featured on both the four-screen video monitors in the Edward A. Whitney Academic Center from Feb. 26-March 5, March 23-30 and May 14-21.

In the year 1021, Alhazen, an Arabic polymath, authored “Book of Optics,” describing the camera obscura, a technological predecessor to film.

“Every day we are confronted, cajoled and enveloped by digital media and the moving image,” said SC art faculty Jason Lanka. “This constant salvo creates a climate that is both exciting and overwhelmingly inviting; always hinting at the potential for change or meditating on each progressive technological leap.

“Our relationship to space and time is made more plastic and liquid by the moving image and the plethora of screens we interact with on a daily basis. ‘Alhazen’s Carnival’ is an invitational exhibition that will feature artists working across the medium and stretching the spectrum of digital media and video.”



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