Farrier Science course offerings at Sheridan College

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Farrier Science course offerings at Sheridan College

Sheridan College held an open house for the new Farrier Science offerings on January 13th in the Sheridan College Ag barn. The open house provided an opportunity for the community to see the farrier classroom, meet the instructors and get a glimpse of the skill and hard-work that goes into horseshoeing. Farrier Science Instructor, Stephen Stephenson, lectured about technique while teaching assistants, Eric Barthelmess, Quint Gonzales, Peggy Stephenson, and Troy Ehrmantraut helped with the shoeing and blacksmithing.

Farrier Science Course Picture“I am really encouraged by the class of students that are here”, said Stephen Stephenson.  “All of the students in this first offering of the Farrier Science classes are excited and eager to get started and come from an agriculture background from either rodeo or ranching/farming.”  Stephenson stated that, “starting a new program made me a bit shaky and nervous, but I’ve been made much more comfortable with the support I received from other Sheridan College programs and businesses in the area.”

Farrier Science at Sheridan College will expand opportunities for current Agriculture and Animal science students to develop hands-on, applicable, expert skills in horseshoeing and farrier science. These skills can be utilized in their agricultural and ranching careers and will support local community and international horse industries’ needs by training future AFA certified farriers to provide horseshoeing and farrier services. It is a one-semester, 18 credit program with courses in Equine Anatomy and Locomotion, Introduction to Farrier Science, and Practical Farrier Science. Courses began on Monday, January 16th, and the program is currently full for spring 2012.

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 provided funds for the renovation of the Ag barn, acquisition of equipment and supplies, and development of curriculum.

Speaking with a Farrier Science student, Tate Schwagler said, “these courses are much better than sitting in the classroom?”  Robert Beckman, also a Farrier Science student, is “grateful for the opportunity to be taught and mentored by four certified journeyman farriers in a small community such as Sheridan.”


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