NWCCD opens Veteran services office

NWCCD opens Veteran services office

The Northern Wyoming Community College District is pleased to announce the opening of the Veteran Services Office to serve Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell Counties. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to our veteran students throughout their college career,” stated Sharon Elwood, Dean of Enrollment Services.

The recently hired Director for Veteran Services, Brett Burtis, joins the enrollment services team with a wealth of experience, according to Elwood. “We are fortunate to have someone like Brett on the team. He is insightful, knowledgeable and eager to assist Veterans as they navigate the world of Higher Education to reach their goals.”

Burtis is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel and was most recently a teacher at Big Horn Middle School. His duties will include financial aid counseling for VA benefits, mentoring, referral services, and community outreach.

A significant portion of the funding for this position comes from a generous grant made by the Marna M. Kuehne Foundation. The Kuehne Foundation also provides scholarships to disabled veterans. Veterans interested in applying for education benefits can contact Burtis at bburtis@sheridan.edu or 674-6446 extension 2720.



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