Gillette College

Sign Posting Protocol


Students, student organizations, faculty, staff, and employees commonly post signs on college buildings and inside buildings as a means of informing the college community of events they are sponsoring or expressing their opinions. The college allows this practice within regulations designed to reasonably govern the time, place, and manner for the protection of the students, college property, and appearance of the campus. Official NWCCD & Gillette College signage- building designators, regulatory and traffic control, etc. are not governed by this policy.

Approval Process

All notices and printed materials must be approved and stamped with an approval symbol by any of the following individuals:

Gillette College Sign Managers:

The Manager of Student Engagement

The Switchboard Operator in Old Main

The Student Life Coordinator

The Manager of Residential Education and Housing

General Guidelines

Departments or Offices are responsible for monitoring the content of their restricted board space.  Signs that are posted on any restricted spaces without approval will be removed.

Notices and printed materials may not be displayed without appropriate College approval. Signs found posted by internal or external groups or individuals without the College’s consent will be removed.

The name of the sponsoring organization must appear prominently on all flyers and advertisements.

Notices and printed materials announcing events should be removed within 24 hours of the end of the event. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/group to remove notices within the appropriate time period. Failure to remove notices and materials may result in a removal fee or loss of posting privileges.

Tattered or torn signs that have become worn to the extent that they are no longer legible will be removed.

The right to distribute or post notices and printed materials shall not extend to libelous, obscene, or personally defamatory statements. Neither shall this right extend to materials encouraging and promoting violations of college regulations.

Signs and printed materials will not portray the consumption of alcohol as the focus of an event. Signs advertising products containing alcohol are not permitted.

Inside Signs:

Approved signs may be hung on any designated open bulletin board space, cork strips, or on any approved flat wall surfaces using only painter’s tape. The use of walls should be utilized only if open bulletin board or cork strip space is unavailable.

Signs, flyers or other materials may not be displayed on the tables, seating, or end tables in Old Main.

Flyers may NOT be posted on glass doorways.

Approved flyers and table tents may be placed in the Dining Hall and other public access areas.

Only painter’s tape may be used to post signs on any painted surface.

Flyers may NOT be posted on any wooden posts in Old Main.

Outside Signs:

All exterior signs must conform to College sign standards.

All outside posting locations must be approved for each specific sign by the Director of Facilities or his/her designee.

Signs may not be placed on directional signposts, building identification signs, or building windows.

Water-soluble chalk may be used on sidewalks only.

If a chalked announcement has not faded significantly or disappeared within a week after the designated time, a charge may be incurred for clean up.

Under no circumstances may items be placed on the windshields of vehicles.

Administration and Enforcement of Policy

When there is question whether a sign shall be removed for content or safety, contact a Sign Manager for clarification. Individuals who feel that a sign has been erroneously removed should also contact a Sign Manager or the Dean of Students Office.

Updated 6/13/11