The Student Fee Allocation Committee (SFAC) was formed at Gillette College in the fall of 2009 to allow student input for the distribution of student fees.  The process by which these allocations are made is described in the Student Fee Allocation Committee procedures.  Although SFAC consists primarily of student government members, and is chaired by the student body president, the SFAC operates independently of the student government body.  All funds to be distributed by the SFAC are the sole responsibility of the SFAC and not the student government body.

Funding requests must include 

  1. Student fees shall be used to support student services, activities, groups and organizations, student-approved equipment purchases and programs which contribute to the overall mission and goals of Gillette College and which are determined to be essential for the enrichment of the Gillette College community.
  2. The goal of the SFAC will be to provide a variety of programs which attempt to meet the needs of as many students as possible.
  3. In evaluating funding requests, the level of student participation and past accomplishments will be two factors considered by the committee.

Funding Request Form