Fitness Center Attendant

Job Description

Job Title: Fitness Center Attendant

Location: Gillette College

Start Date: August 15, 2011

Job Purpose: Fitness Center Attendants are responsible for monitoring the health and safety of patrons, developing programming for students and staff, and creating a climate of well-being on the Gillette Campus.

Department: Student Life

Reports to: Jess Bank

Skills and Abilities: Applicant must be friendly, responsible and reliable, comfortable educating patrons at various fitness levels (after being trained), a self-starter, must be able to respond to crises if necessary, and First Aid/CPR/AED certified (will train). Must be able to work independently.

Knowledge: Working knowledge of Fitness Center equipment and proper use.  Will train if needed.

Experience: Customer service or related experience preferred by not necessary.

Special instructions to applicant: Applicants must be registered for fall 2011 classes before applying to job.  Employees must be current students to be eligible for this position.

Work hours: up to 10 hours per week.

Hourly rate/salary: Work student rates as set forth by NWCCD.

Job Duties:

% of time Responsibility/duty
50 Monitor Fitness Center, including overall health, safety, and security of the facility, its patrons, and equipment
10 Educate patrons on the proper use of equipment
5 Learn, review, and follow emergency procedures, assist in emergencies by following appropriate emergency procedures
10 Disinfect equipment, organize fee weights, plates, and magazines, and keep facility neat and orderly
5 Assist in identifying training needs of Fitness Center Staff and the hiring process of new employees
5 Enforce policies and procedures as set forth by Fitness Center supervisor
10 Plan and develop wellness programs, incentives, and classes for students and staff
5 Other duties as assigned

To apply, please pick up application in the Activities Office or at the front desk.  Please call Jess Bank at: 686-0254 ext. 2352 with any questions.