The Fitness Center offers intramural opportunities free of charge for any Gillette College student enrolled in 6 credits or more.  Intramural play occurs at the Campbell County Recreation Center, and is part of CCPR’s Adult League Play.

The Fitness Center/Student Life will sponsor up to two teams per sport per year.  Students are encouraged to put together teams and sign up as groups or sign up individually.  Once league play starts, the designated student captain will lead the team.  Students are encouraged to inform the Fitness Center of current standings throughout the season.

League Play is available to students ranging from recreational to competitive skill levels.

Sports available include:

Co-ed softball (summer)

Co-ed volleyball (fall)

Co-ed basketball (winter)

Co-ed Wallyball (winter)

Co-ed volleyball (spring)

If you are interested in forming a team, please contact a Fitness Center attendant to sign up.  Rosters must be full before teams can be registered.