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Education: The State’s Greatest Investment
The state of Wyoming has established a generous scholarship program in the name of former Wyoming Governor Stan Hathaway that provides an incentive for Wyoming students to prepare for and pursue post-secondary education within the State of Wyoming. The program provides merit- and need-based awards to eligible students beginning with the high school graduating class of 2006.

Hathaway scholarships are not entitlements, and are subject to legislative appropriation. The legislature has the authority to modify or terminate the Hathaway Scholarship Program at any time.

Applying for Hathaway Scholarships at the Northern Wyoming Community College District’s (NWCCD) Sheridan College (SC) or Gillette College (GC) is easy!

Follow this process and timeline:

  1. Apply for admission early in your senior year of high school and supply a current copy of your high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores.
  2. Complete a Hathaway Application
  3. Complete your admission file by supplying your final high school transcript to NWCCD’s Admissions Office upon graduation and provide any new test scores you may have.
  4. The Financial Aid office will inform you of your Hathaway scholarship via your email.

Eligible Wyoming post-secondary institutions include:

Sheridan and Gillette College (NWCCD), Sheridan;
Casper College (CC), Casper;
Central Wyoming College (CWC), Riverton;
Eastern Wyoming College (EWC), Torrington;
Laramie County Community College (LCCC), Cheyenne;
Northwest College (NWC), Powell;
Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC), Rock Springs;
University of Wyoming (UW), Laramie;

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a resident of Wyoming
  • Must be a 2006 Wyoming high school graduate or beyond
  • Must meet application deadlines as set forth below.
  • Must be a United States resident.
  • Must be degree seeking
  • Must attend an eligible Wyoming post-secondary institution
  • Males over the age of 18 must be registered with selective service

Application Deadlines
HS graduates and GED recipients must apply for the Hathaway Scholarship within 2 years of their HS classes’ graduation date.
Home schooled students must apply before their 21st birthday.
Once initiated, a student has 6 years to exhaust award.

Initiation Deadline

High school and GED students must begin using scholarship within 28 months of high school classes’ graduation. Home schooled students must begin using scholarship before the age of 21.

Eligibility Window

Once initiated, a student has 6 years to exhaust award.

Qualifying for a Hathaway Scholarship at the Northern Wyoming Community District
Students may qualify for one of four scholarship opportunities under the Hathaway Scholarship at Sheridan or Gillette College. The scholarship levels are:

Scholarship Amount per semester if a full-time student
(12 credits or more)
Minimum High School GPA* or GED ACT Composite Success Curriculum
Provisional Opportunity $800
4 full-time semesters
2.5 500 17
Or WorkKeys score of 12
Yes starting with the 2011 graduating class
Opportunity $800
8 full-time semesters
2.5 500 19 Yes starting with the 2011 graduating class
Performance $1,200
8 full-time semesters
3.0 540 21 Phase in beginning with 2007 graduating class
Honors $1,600
8 full-time semesters
3.5 575 25 Phase in beginning with 2007 graduating class

*There are no GPA requirements for home-schooled students or GED students. GED students must meet minimum GED composite score requirements. Home schooled students who also took the GED are still considered home schooled students and the GED composite score does not affect eligibility.

Developmental Studies (DVST)
Hathaway monies will not be awarded for remedial coursework. Hathaway will only pay for courses which are 1000+ level.

Curriculum requirements for Hathaway Scholarship eligibility shall be phased in over a period of four (4) years, beginning with the graduating class of 2007-2008, with all requirements applicable to the graduating class of 2011 and each class thereafter. This curriculum shall be made available to all freshmen entering Wyoming high schools in the fall of 2007. Please contact your high school counselor with any questions.

Home Schooled Students Home School Credit Evaluation Form
Students who are home schooled may also qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. Student must apply and begin using the scholarship before his/her 21st birthday. Award levels for these students are based on the student’s ACT score only. These students must meet all other eligibility requirements other than GPA including the success curriculum. Home schooled students who also took the GED are still considered home schooled students and the composite GED score does not affect eligibility.

Home schooled students must submit a copy of their home schooled transcript. Please include on the transcript

  • Students full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of Home School instructor
  • Name of School Board Approving Curriculum
  • Date of graduation
  • Signature of instructor
  • GPA

Also attach a copy of ACT or WorkKeys Scores if scores were not previously submitted to NWCCD.

GED Students
If you attended a Wyoming high school, did not graduate, and took the GED after April 1st 2006, you may also qualify for a Hathaway Scholarship. A Hathaway application must be received within two (2) years of the date you would have graduated from high school. Below are ACT and GED score requirements for Hathaway Scholarships. You will also need to submit an official copy of your high school transcript showing that you attended an eligible Wyoming high school prior to the receipt of your GED.

Provisional Opportunity Minimum GED of 500 and minimum ACT of 17 or WORKKEYS cumulative score of 12.
Opportunity Minimum GED of 500 and minimum ACT of 19
Performance Minimum GED of 540 and minimum ACT of 21
Honors Minimum GED of 575 and minimum ACT of 25

Part time college students
Part-time students taking 6 – 11 credit hours (1000+ level) per semester in college also qualify for Hathaway Scholarships. These students will receive their eligible award in an amount proportionate to the hours they are taking.


Credits (must be 1000+ level) Provisional
Award Amt.
Award Amt.
Award Amt.
Award Amt.
6 400 400 600 800
7 467 467 700 933
8 533 533 800 1067
9 600 600 900 1200
10 667 667 1000 1333
11 733 733 1100 1467
12 800 800 1200 1600


Full-time = 12+ credits/semester
Part-time = 6-11 credits/semester

Maintaining Your Eligibility

Once you have initiated your Hathaway Scholarship, regardless of the scholarship level, you will need to maintain eligibility by doing the following three things:

  • Maintain the appropriate cumulative GPA for your Scholarship level
    • Provisional Opportunity 2.25
    • Opportunity 2.25
    • Performance / Honor 2.50**
    **A student who drops below a 2.50 GPA but has at least a 2.25 GPA may receive the Opportunity scholarship level until a GPA of at least 2.50 is achieved.
  • Maintain Continuous Enrollment (CE) A student must enroll in school every fall and spring semester (excluding summer) once he/she has initiated the Hathaway Scholarship. Six (6) credits constitutes minimum enrollment. If he/she fails to enroll one of these semesters, eligibility will be lost until the student enrolls and completes the required credits.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) A student must enroll and complete at least six (6) non-remedial credits if awarded part time or twelve (12) non-remedial credits if a full-time scholarship each semester. Any student who fails to do this will lose eligibility until he/she completes the appropriate number of non-remedial hours required to regain eligibility.
Please note: Hathaway Scholarship money will not fund semesters spent regaining eligibility.
Please email your Hathaway Coordinator at to find out what you will need to do to regain your eligibility.
Regaining Your Eligibility after Suspension
Click here to find out how to regain your eligibility


Hathaway scholarships can be used during the summer semester, but the summer semester does not count towards the continuous enrollment requirement of two semesters per academic year. Students must enroll in at least 6 credits of 1000+ level coursework to receive Hathaway money in the summer.

Transferring your Hathaway to a different school

Hathaway can be transferred between the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming community colleges. To transfer your scholarship, you must contact your Hathaway representative at the school you wish to transfer to and provide them with a Hathaway application, high school and/or College transcripts and ACT/Workkeys scores before class begins.

Hathaway Extension Request

Students may elect to use remaining semesters of Hathaway at a Wyoming community based on Enrolled Act 63 passed by the Wyoming Legislature in 2011. According to statute students receiving Opportunity, Performance or Honors Scholarships may extend Hathaway beyond the equivalent of four full time semesters for continued attendance at a Wyoming community college. A scholarship extended under this subsection shall not exceed the maximum equivalent of eight full time semesters when combined with the four full time semesters of initial community college usage.

To be eligible for this extension a student must have:

  • Earned a certificate or degree from a Wyoming community college
  • Successfully completed sufficient courses for eligibility to enroll in a program offered by a Wyoming community college which leads to a professional degree.

By electing to use additional semesters at a community college you are reducing future semesters of eligibility at the University of Wyoming. Hathaway Scholarships can be received for a maximum of the equivalent of eight full time semesters. All monies must be used within 6 years of initiation. Complete and return the Hathaway Extension Request form to the Financial Aid Office by October 15th, 2011 for the 11/FA semester and January 15th, 2012 for the 12/SP semester. Your account will be reviewed and if eligible, you will be awarded.

Calculating Hathaway Need Awards
Students qualifying for the merit portion of Hathaway Scholarships who have completed and supplied the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) within 30 days of the start of the semester may qualify for additional need-based Hathaway Scholarship monies. “Unmet need” is calculated in the following way:

NWCCD Cost of Attendance
Less: Estimated Family Contribution (determined by FAFSA)
Less: Hathaway Scholarship merit award per year
Less: Grants and Scholarships awarded to student
Less: $2,000 GAP
= Unmet Need

Qualifying students will receive a percentage of this unmet need based on their eligible scholarship level.
Provisional Opportunity 25% of unmet need
Opportunity 25% of unmet need
Performance 25% of unmet need
Honors 100% of unmet need
Career, Opportunity & Performance: $100/sem. minimum award. $750/semester maximum award.
Honors: $100 minimum award per semester
(This information is based on currently proposed legislation and is subject to change.)

* You must apply for FAFSA in order to be considered for a Hathaway Need-based scholarship. Apply online today! Click here to apply.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Hathaway Scholarship at an out-of-state school?
No. The intent of the scholarship is, in part, to encourage students to pursue your education in Wyoming with hopes that you’ll consider pursuing a career here when you are done.
While the Hathaway Scholarship isn’t available to use out-of-state, students who attend an out-of-state school may come back within the two year time period to an in-state institution and begin using their scholarship. Students who initiated their scholarship before leaving Wyoming may also return and regain their eligibility if within the six year window.

What if I am going on a mission or am going in to the military?
The Hathaway Scholarship can begin to be used no later than two academic years after you graduate from high school. Exceptions may be made for documented military service or religious sojourns.

I graduated prior to 2006. Do I qualify for Hathaway Scholarships?
The legislation that established the scholarships indicated the scholarship begins with the graduating class of 2006. Students who completed high school in December 2005 are officially part of the class of 2006. These students do qualify beginning in the Fall of 2006.

Am I a Wyoming resident and can I get a Hathaway Scholarship?
To qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship you must be considered a resident of Wyoming according to the Northern Wyoming Community College District’s residency policy which requires that a student’s parents live in Wyoming and/or the student graduated from a Wyoming high school.

I took the SAT and not the ACT; can I be considered?
At this time your SAT score can be converted to an ACT equivalent for consideration.

Contact us: We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the Hathaway Scholarship. Please contact Amanda at the Financial Aid Office at You will receive a response within 5 business days.

(This information is based on currently proposed legislation and is subject to change.)