Private Scholarships

You may also want to explore private scholarship opportunities. Local communities and national organizations offer a multitude of private scholarships. Check with local organizations such as Rotary International, Kiwanis Club, Elks Club, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), American Legion, Lions Club, YMCA, and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), which all award scholarships on a local level. Look in the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory or online for the telephone numbers of these organizations. Check your local newspapers for announcements of scholarships awarded to local students, and then contact these organizations about how to apply for the next round of scholarships. The newspaper announcements usually occur between March and June, when most scholarships are awarded. You can browse through past issues of newspapers at your local library to find announcements. There is no one place to refer you to, so you will need to do a scholarship search on the web. Be careful not to pay anyone to help you with this information. There are plenty of these sites that are free.

If you will be or have recently graduated from high school, your guidance counselor is usually the best source of local scholarship information. Most local organizations provide information to high school guidance offices on a regular basis.

**Note: The Financial Aid Office is not responsible for processing private scholarship applications. All students are responsible for contacting the scholarship-granting agency and ensuring that all requirements are met.

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All scholarship opportunities, both internal and external, can be found on the NWCCD Scholarship Application website