In warranted situations students can request to appeal certain data elements that are set forth by the Department of Education. The Financial Aid review committee will review student’s applications for appeal once all documentation is received. A decision will be made within 5 business days and the students will receive notification of the decision via email to their student account on WebAdvisor.

If requesting an appeal students should attempt to submit all required documentation in a timely manner so as not to delay any additional funding that could result from the decision. Incomplete paperwork will delay processing, so make sure you stay in contact with our offices once you have started the process.

Some of the most common forms of appeals are:

Satisfactory Academic Progress–All recipients of federal financial aid (includes grants, loans and work-study) must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Students who are not in satisfactory standing are not eligible to receive any type of federal aid. However, if you are not in satisfactory standing and experienced extraordinary circumstances that contributed to your academic difficulties you may file an appeal with the Financial Aid office by completing the Satisfactory Academic Appeal Process Application. **To learn more about SAP click on the above Satisfactory Academic progress.

Dependency Override–A dependency override is when a student is classified as “Dependent” based on a series of questions from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); but has extenuating circumstances as to why their parents are unable to assist or complete certain portions of the FAFSA. When these circumstances arise students can request to have their individual circumstances reviewed. To request a dependency override, please submit a signed statement outlining your circumstances and the completed Dependency Override Appeal Application to findocs@sheridan.edu.

Income Adjustment—On the FAFSA application the prior year’s tax information is requested. In these uncertain economic times families have found that from one year to the next their income levels have changed. In these circumstances the Financial Aid Office can review your FAFSA application and families financial situation for a specified time frame (July 1st of the current year, to June 30th of the following year (i.e. 7/1/2011-6/30/2012)) to help determine if your situation meets the requirements for an income adjustment. To request an income review/adjustment please complete, the Income Reduction Appeal Application.

There are other less common appeals such as those for Cost of Attendance changes (COA) due to excessive out of pocket medical, child care, or elder care expenses. We would be happy to discuss these or any of the above appeals with you. Please submit the required forms, stop into one of our offices or contact us via email or phone.