Award Letter

An award letter is a detailed list of all awards that are being presented to the student and the timeframes in which the funds will be applied. It is important that student review their award letters for discrepancies and notify the Financial Aid office immediately if they believe an error has arisen.

The Financial Aid Office will notify the student via email that their award letter is available. Each student has the right to accept or decline all or part of their awards. The Financial Aid Office uses a passive confirmation and only requires that students submit a signed award letter in the event that they are declining all or part of their aid package. Because the Financial Aid office uses passive confirmation will allow students 14 days to review their award letter, if on the 15th day we have not received correspondence from the student will disburse the funds to the students account as stated by the award letter.

How to Access Your Award Letter

  • Go To your WebAdvisoraccount and log in.
  • Maximize Screen
  • Click on “Students”
  • Click on “Financial Aid Award Letter”
  • Pull Down Box and click on 2011-Click on “Submit”
  • Right click on award letter screen- Click on “Print”
  • Log Out of WebAdvisor
  • Read it- Sign it
  • Turn it into the Financial Aid Office