Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is accepted from regionally accredited institutions in the United States.  The American Council on Education Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education publication is used to identify appropriate accreditation.  International credit is recommended to use the World Educational Services for accreditation verification.  Please note, the policy regarding acceptable accreditation guidelines so if you intend to pursue a degree higher than an associate’s level, please contact your transfer institution regarding their policies. 

Students transferring to Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD), Sheridan College or Gillette College must provide official transcripts for evaluation.  Coursework is then evaluated by the Record’s Office once a student has applied to either Sheridan College or Gillette College.  A transfer course equivalency report and  letter is then provided with respect to how courses transfer to meet requirements at Sheridan College and Gillette College. 

Unofficial transcripts may used for registration purposes only.  Official transcript must be received two weeks prior to the start of term.  If not, students may be dropped in prerequisite coursework if the official transcript is not received.  Transfer credit is not awarded until the official transcript is received.

Acceptance of transferred credits is determined by the accepting institution.

GPA does not transfer or add into the NWCCD cumulative. 

Transfer Equivalencies

There are three basic equivalencies for transfer coursework to NWCCD:

  • Specific Course Equivalency- Many courses transfer to NWCCD that meet a specific NWCCD course. 
  • General Transfer Credit– If a course is not identical to a course offered at NWCCD, but is a college level course; the course is a general transfer credit.  What does this mean? It doesn’t exactly mean it meets a course offered at NWCCD.  You will receive credit for the course completed but it may not fulfill a NWCCD requirement.  We recommend you discuss these general transfer credit courses with your advisor.  He/she may recommend petitioning the course to meet a specific NWCCD requirement.  Please note, a syllabus may be required from the coursework you completed.
  • Not Accepted—In rare instances courses are considered not to be acceptable.  Reasons for this are detailed under the Transfer Exceptions.  This means you will not receive any college credit for this coursework and it is not listed on your transfer equivalency report.
    • Repeat Courses—Course work transferred to NWCCD is evaluated against the NWCCD rules for repeating courses, not the transfer institution.  If a course is completed more than one time, only the last occurrence stands.  The others will be repeated out and no course credit will be received for earlier attempts.
    • Excess Credit
    • Not Accepted—
      • Remedial Course work–Credit is not accepted for remedial course work or not offered at NWCCD (ex. Cosmetology).  Coursework considered remedial level, such as basic writing or intermediate algebra, will not transfer to NWCCD but will appear on the transfer evaluation and also meet prerequisites if necessary.
      • Upper Division–Coursework completed at an upper division level (Junior/Senior) may not transfer into NWCCD.
      • Letter Grade—Coursework completed a pass/fail, D or F does not transfer.  Coursework must be completed with a letter grade of C or better.

Military Service Courses

Students who have served in the Armed Forces may be allowed transfer credit for courses taken in some military schools.  Students who desire to apply for credit on the basis of their military schooling should submit a copy of their DD 214 form or AARTS/SMART transcript (or its equivalent) to NWCCD.  An evaluation will be completed by the Records Office.    An evaluation for the granting of credit for military-based training is based on recommendations in the American Council of Education (ACE) guidelines.  Please be advised, you may need to contact the department for further evaluation of credits based upon experiences.

Transcripts from other institutions

Once a student submits an official transcript to NWCCD, it becomes the property of the College and will not be released to a third party.  If the student wants a copy of his/her record from another institution, he/she must request it directly from the institution attended.  This protects the student’s rights as well as the credibility and integrity of the other institution and its transcripts.

Block Transfers

The Northern Wyoming Community College District has established block transfer agreements with the University of Wyoming. A Block Transfer Agreement is a contract between the colleges and the student to assure smooth transfer of credits between NWCCD and the student’s choice of college at the University. Students who wish to participate in these programs need to request information from their advisors or from the University of Wyoming campus Outreach Office. Current UW block transfer agreements are available for: General Studies/Undeclared College of Arts and Sciences College of Business College of Agriculture College of Education / Elementary Education /College of Engineering.

Articulation Agreements

NWCCD has articulation agreements with the following institutions:
Ashford University
Capella University
Chadron State University
Franklin University
Kaplan University
Regis University
SUNY Canton
University of Mary
University of Wyoming
Upper Iowa University
Western Governors University
North Dakota University System