Am I ready to graduate?
Candidates for graduation must complete a Graduation Application with the Record’s Office by February 15th (Spring and Summer) or December 15th (Fall). Please note, information is needed for the spring commencement by the February 15th deadline. However, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the necessary steps to apply for graduation. If a student misses the deadline, applications for that semester will be accepted until the last day of class that semester but participation in spring commencement may not be possible.

The Graduation Application also requires the following steps to be completed:

  1. Print a Graduation Application.
  2. Note: Program requirements must show in process for all requirements unless the coursework is completed at another institution. If intending to transfer a course back, please indicate the course and the institution the requirement is being completed. An official transcript must be received within 30 days of the last day of NWCCD courses.
  3. Return the Graduation Application to the Record’s Office.

Degrees and Certificates Offered?
Northern Wyoming Community College District offer the following degrees:

Associate of Arts: This degree is primarily for students majoring in the humanities, arts, and social sciences and who plan to transfer to a four-year or professional school.
Associate of Fine Arts: This degree is for students majoring in art or musical theatre who plan to transfer to a four-year or professional school.
Associate of Science: This degree is primarily for students majoring in math, science, engineering, or business and who plan to transfer to a four year or professional school.
Associate of Applied Science: This degree is primarily for students majoring in occupational fields who do not plan to transfer following completion of the AAS Degree.
Certificate of Completion:These certificates are given in various occupational areas and require completion of a defined group of courses.

Requirements for Graduation
The following general requirements must be completed before any degree or certificate may be granted.
– The student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 in all hours attempted at NWCCD.
– The student must have completed fifteen (15) hours of credit applicable to the degree or certificate at NWCCD.

Diplomas will be mailed out 3-4 weeks following the end of the semester. Transcripts are the official notification regarding your degree and you may complete a transcript request form to be held until your degree is posted. This option is especially beneficial for those who intend to transfer to another institution.

Diploma covers are provided during the spring commencement ceremony. For students not participating in the commencement ceremony, you may pick up the diploma cover in the Records Office. If you are receiving more than one degree, you may purchase additional diploma covers for $8.50 per cover.