There are three general categories of student behavior that can be signs of emotional distress: withdrawal, agitation and/or irritability, and personal communication from the student.

  • Excessive absences
  • Noticeable lack of participation
  • Continuous daydreaming
  • Drowsiness or sleeping
  • Disoriented responses when questioned
  • Vacant staring
  • Lack of cleanliness, sloppy appearance

Agitation or Irritability

  • Compulsive speaking or frequent interrupting of your lecture.
  • Unprovoked crying or giggling.
  • Frequent sarcastic and hostile remarks.
  • Sudden appearance of a speech disorder such as stuttering or difficulty articulating words.
  • Inability to sit still throughout class meetings.

Personal Communication

  • Written assignments reveal personal problems.
  • Frequent requests for personal conferences or need to remain with you after class.
  • The student tells you directly s/he is having trouble in classes due to anxiety, external problems or internal conflicts.

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