If you’ve already applied for admissions, and sent us your transcripts, the next step will be to file for financial aid and to meet with an academic advisor.
Step 2: Financial Aid Office
Ext. 1420 (GC) | Ext. 2101 (SC) 

All students are encouraged to apply for federal aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or apply on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov as early as possible.

Apply for institutional scholarships – one application and one application letter, by March 1

Payments plans, if needed, are available in the Business office.
Step 3: Advising and Assessment
Ext. 1410 & 11 (GC) | Ext. 2000 (SC) 

Schedule an appointment to complete the math and English placement exams (if a first-time college student or if you have not completed a college-level math and/or English course) A $5.00 fee is assessed for each exam, and a picture ID is required. ACT scores may also be used for placement; please consult this office for required scores.
Set an appointment to meet with an academic advisor to complete a course schedule.
Schedule an appointment to attend an orientation session, which is required for all first-time college students registered for 6 or more credit hours, and all degree-seeking candidates. Orientation is highly recommended for transfer student, non-degree seeking students enrolled in less than 6 credit hours, and high school students.
Step 4: Registration and Records Office
Ext. 1431 & 32 (GC) | Ext. 2201 or 2203 (SC) 

Register for classes by submitting the course registration form with advisor signature.
If transferring courses from another college, please contact your academic advisor for transcript evaluation equivalencies.
Step 5: Business Office
Ext. 1442 & 43 (GC) | Ext. 2405 (SC) 

Tuition, housing and other expenses must be paid (or arranged to be paid) on or before the payment deadline date. Once payment is received, students will be entitled to receive an activity card.
After payment is made, obtain a college picture ID card, available in the Housing Office.
Step 6:  

Ext. 1441 (GC) | Ext. 4102 (SC) 

Purchase textbooks from the SC General Store, located in the lower level of the Thorne-Rider Commons Building.
Step 7: Housing
N/A (GC) | Ext. 2301 (SC) 

If interested in living on-campus, complete housing application and submit $125 deposit fee.