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For those who would like to pursue a career as health scientist, (Doctor, Veterinarian, Optometrist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapy, etc.) and would like to prepare themselves with a broad scientific background as an undergraduate, pre-professional studies might suit you best.

GilletteĀ College offers a preprofessional studies program that is designed to provide the student with a background in biological and physical sciences and to prepare students for upper-level courses in their specialty of choice. Professional programs in these areas usually require a bachelor’s degree prior to entry.


Since requirements of institutions where students pursue advanced study vary greatly, students should carefully consult the catalog of the institution to which they intend to transfer and work with our extremely knowledgeable faculty advisors to develop an appropriate schedule.

Students should also be aware and ask their advisors about the contractual agreements between the State of Wyoming and various universities regarding medical school, veterinary school and physical therapy programs.

Students will need to meet the general education requirements of an Associate of Science degree and complete the suggested courses in their course of study in order to receive an associateā€™s degree in pre-professional studies.