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The Mining Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree was developed as the result of a Department of Labor High Growth Job Training Initiative Grant. Focus groups and an Advisory Committee of leaders in the mining industry helped determine the courses taught and their content. As a result, current and prospective miners and those in positions that support the mining industry are receiving the knowledge they need to enhance their careers and be competitive for positions of increased responsibility.

Mining Technology

With Baby Boomers nearing retirement, industry is looking for their next generation of leaders. This program has courses designed to develop leaders including Management & Organization, Human Resources Management, Interpersonal Communication, and Project Management. The mining courses are designed to give those in mining careers a broad overview of mining operations. A supervisor not only needs to understand their particular area of responsibility, but also how they fit into the big picture of the organization.

The unique aspect of this degree program is how courses are delivered. Recognizing that 12-hour shifts are the norm in the industry, classroom instruction has to be responsive to the availability of students working full time. Mining Technology is organized around three 9-week compressed semesters each year. A typical semester of classes averages 6-9 credit hours. Classes are offered in three forms; traditional classroom, 100% online, and hybrid (combination of classroom and online). Classes are offered on Thursdays and Fridays. Students have the option of attending either day as the instructor repeats the lesson taught on Thursday for the class taught on Friday. A class period is 4 ½ hours in length. Most of the courses in the program have separate course sections for mining students. Students in the program always have the option of taking general education and other support courses through the regular college schedule if their schedule allows.

With the Associate of Applied Science in Mining Technology comes three career-enhancing certificates: Mining Technology Certificate Programs.