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History means the history of everything – from the settlement of Wyoming to the outbreak of massive wars in European countries.

Historians are those who have a passion to study how our civilization and that of others have changed over hundreds of years to bring us to where we are today.

You’ll often find historians teaching others about the past as teachers, guest lecturers, or museum workers.

The history program at Gillette College is designed to introduce students to the discipline of history.

Courses are designed to encourage and enhance critical writing and thinking skills and analytical thinking; as well as the ability to think problems through to logical conclusions, render informed decisions, and become productive citizens in a world of diversity and globalization.

The program prepares students to transfer as juniors to a university in the specialty they choose. Students interested in pursuing a history degree will find career opportunities in teaching, public history, museum work, management, grant writing, government service, financial research services, and graduate studies.