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mentary school teachers teach children from kindergarten up to the sixth grade. Elementary school teachers introduce students to the basics of education including reading, writing, math, social studies and history. They also help their students develop selfconfidence and positive attitudes, which students need to succeed in life.

Elementary school teachers often teach a wide variety of subjects and are often challenged to discover interesting and innovative ways to approach their educational topics.


The education programs at NWCCD: Gillette College and Sheridan College are designed to provide the initial foundation for preparing qualified teachers and related personnel for American schools. One objective of the program is to enable students to assess interest, aptitude and capabilities for a career in education. The second year supports the College’s commitment to provide a transfer program enabling students to complete Baccalaureate degrees at four-year colleges and universities.

Programs of study need to be planned with regard to the specific requirements of the institution to which the students are planning to transfer.

*Students have the option of an A.A. degree, which includes a language component (eight credit hours required); or an A.S. degree, which does not require a language. In addition to suggested program requirements, students will have to meet the general education requirements of the A.A. or A.S. degrees.