Bryngelson joins GC Foundation board


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Bryngelson joins Gillette College Foundation board

Cory Bryngelson has served on boards, raised money for scholarships and championed for Gillette College in the past.

Now, he’s bring his expertise to the Gillette College Foundation board, forming an ideal partnership, Foundation Executive Director Heidi Gross said.

“I am really excited to have Cory on the board,” said Gross, who took over the Foundation duties in January 2014. “I think he is going to do good things for us and like he said, give us a fresh perspective. He’s been on other boards in the past and he’s got some good experience.”

Bryngelson, 44, will become one of the Foundation board’s 17 members. The Director of Maintenance at PacifiCorp’s Wyodak Plant, Bryngelson aims to bring renewed acumen.

“I hope to bring some new insight, new prospective. I’m not here to change anything, or upset the applecart. I think I have some young eyes for new things,” Bryngelson said.

“My short-term goals are to find out the issues and projects, and meet the folks. The long-term goals are finding ways to fill a niche. I like fundraising. I like helping kick off programs.”

Bryngelson, originally from Lander, has called Gillette home for seven years, following stints in Casper and Rock Springs. Equipped with a clever sense of humor, Bryngelson is a family man who enjoys nature’s offerings with his wife and two sons.

“We like to spend a lot of time outdoors,” he said. “We like hunting and fishing, riding four-wheelers, camping.”

Bryngelson earned an associate degree from Casper College and two bachelor degrees in math and natural sciences, and zoology, from the University of Wyoming. He is dedicated to higher education. He graduated from the Gillette Area Leadership Institute, which concluded with a class project that formed a scholarship endowment for Gillette College students.

“I was contacted by Heidi about becoming a board member because she knew I served on some other boards,” Bryngelson said. “Our Gillette Area Leadership Institute project, what we took on was trying to raise money for the Gillette College Foundation for a scholarship.

“We raised a little over $20,000 for a scholarship and with Wyoming’s state matching funds, we upped it to around $40,000. Hopefully it pays for scholarships for years to come.”

Bryngelson and his staff at Wyodak oversee maintenance operations on equipment, while working with engineers and planners on projects. He plans to bring his wide-ranging skills and leadership abilities to tackle the Gillette College Foundation’s current projects, which include raising funds for the Education and Activity Center and the Rodeo and Agriculture Complex. Bryngelson will also assist in the Foundation’s enduring, fundamental goals.

“The ongoing goal for the Foundation is to raise money for grants and scholarships, so we can get more students in the door and make sure more people have the opportunity to pursue a college education,” Gross said.


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