NWCCD receives American Association of Community Colleges grant

December 19, 2012

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NWCCD receives American Association of Community Colleges grant

The Northern Wyoming Community College District received word this week that they are the recipients of a Plus 50 Encore Completion Program Grant from the American Association of Community Colleges.  The grant provides $15,000 over the course of three years and will be used to develop new programming and promote the training and retraining of citizens in the Sheridan area that are over the age of 50, in primarily healthcare related fields.

“We continue to build program offerings specific to the needs of our Plus 50 learners within our Center for Workforce and Community Education,” said NWCCD President Paul Young.  “We recognize the business owners’ and employees’ need for support to develop and enhance their skills of working with multi-generational staffs within the fast-paced ever growing field of healthcare.”

The components of the grant include training Plus 50 learners in Certified Nursing Assistant programs and other related healthcare programs, increasing Plus 50 adults’ readiness to work, and helping employers improve their readiness to employ Plus 50 adults.

“We are already doing a great deal of this now,” said NWCCD Center for Workforce and Community Education Director, Karen St.Clair.  “This grant will help to develop new programming as well as help us overcome a couple of barriers including the cost of tuition for participants as well as the commitment of employers to hire and invest in these students.”

The new Plus 50 Training Program will include program design and development of the new Universal Care Aid program. This training will begin with Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and then be enhanced with additional training including Serve Safe, culinary, generational differences, customer service and conflict resolution training and more to develop well-rounded all-encompassing care aides. Scholarship funds will be made available to cover part to all of the tuition and fees to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from the costs of going back to school.

We will also work with employers through workshops highlighting the needs and values of the Plus 50 employees. The goal of the workshops will be to reach employers within the Sheridan County area educating them on the benefits of hiring the plus 50 employees.

For more information on the new Plus 50 Training Program, please contact Karen St.Clair at (307) 674-6446, ext. 4501.





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