NWCCD is excited to offer a Summer Energy Education Program for teachers and students located in the Northeast Wyoming region. Energy is a vital part of the economic make-up of northeastern Wyoming and the surrounding region. NWCCD is proud to offer this summer program to area teachers and students, through an Energy Technology Education Program, Advanced Technology Education grant from the National Science Foundation.

Whether you are an educator working in the science or math disciplines, or a student interested in expanding your knowledge of math and science through engaging in hands-on activities, we encourage you to register for our Summer Energy Education Program and learn more about how energy “works” in Wyoming and your local community.

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The Teacher Program provides 7-14 teachers with pedagogical and collegial support to develop hands-on experiences into embeddable lesson plans for enriching energy-related science concepts at their home institutions.

Over ten days, these experiences will include a 5-day state-wide field trip to visit to coal, uranium, and oil resource sites, a weekend retreat to our Spear-O-Wigwam mountain campus for round table discussions, three days of curriculum development in the classroom at Sheridan College, and the support of a peer community of motivated educators.

At the culmination of the program, participants will submit a minimum of two embeddable lessons designed for use at their home institution, and provide feedback on how the lessons are implemented.

Participants will earn a stipend of $100 per day and may choose to earn two continuing education credits through the University of Wyoming. Optional weekend tours will be offered to explore the scenic, cultural and historic dimensions of Northeast Wyoming.

Food and accommodations will be provided by Sheridan College to non-commuting participants. All participants are responsible for any travel costs to and from Sheridan, WY.

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The Student Program will engage interested middle school students—those entering grades 7 and 8—with energy-related science experiences.

The five day program actively encourages students to explore ideas of engineering, energy production, and energy conservation.

Students will also tour a coal-fired power plant to experience how the ideas they encounter are applied to power their world.

Daily sessions will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm, and do NOT include overnight accommodations. Students will need to provide their own sack lunch each day.