Self-paced Orientation

Do you have a busy schedule? Online classes at NWCCD allow you to earn the same credits you would in a traditional classroom from a computer at your convenience.

To help you identify what is takes to succeed in learning online, we have prepared this self-paced orientation to help you:

  • Become familiar with the characteristics of a typical online course experience.
  • Decide if your learning style is suitable for online learning.
  • Determine if your computer system is adequate for online courses.
  • Learn basic computer skills required to succeed in online courses.
  • Become familiar with accessing and navigating your online courses.
  • Identify common communication methods used in online courses.
  • Identify assessment methods typical of online courses.
  • Find various sources of academic and technical assistance.

Begin Orientation Modules

Table of Contents

Is Online Learning for Me?

Module 1: The Online Learning Environment

Module 2: Technical Requirements for Online Learning

Module 3: Communicating & Collaborating Online

Module 4: Research & Writing in the Online Environment