Minimum Computer Literacy Skill Requirements for Online Courses

Taking courses online requires a minimal set of computer literacy skills. Below is a list of skills you should possess in order to be a successful online learner:

General Computer Skills

bullet know the basic components of a personal computer system (e.g., hard drive, RAM, CPU, etc.)
bullet understand file extensions and differences between file types (e.g. .doc, .gif., .html, .ppt., , mp3., rm., etc.)
bullet shut down a computer appropriately
bullet perform a safe reboot of the operating system with keystrokes
bullet understand the difference between closing/minimizing/hiding windows and quitting a program
bullet use the mouse right-click menu functions

File Management Skills

bullet navigate through files and directories (e.g. using Windows Explorer)
bullet organize, move, copy and paste files in directories
bullet move unwanted files into my recycle bin and delete them permanently from my hard drive

Word Processing Skills

bullet edit, copy, cut and paste a block of text or selected objects
bullet use undo/redo functions
bullet save, print and preview documents
bullet select and change fonts sizes and types, styles (e.g. boldface, italics, underlining, etc.)
bullet format paragraphs and page properties (e.g., line spacing, alignment, margins, paper orientation, etc.)
bullet create itemized lists (e.g. bullets, numbered lists)

Internet Skills

bullet navigate the World Wide Web using a Web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
bullet search for information using a search engine (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, MSN)
bullet use e-mail to send and receive messages and attachments