Where do I go for an orientation specific to online learning?

If you are new to online learning or to the Blackboard Learning Management System, (LMS), it is expected that you complete one of the orientation to online learning options. The Self-Paced option can be completed now from the Sheridan College Online Learning Link.  You also have the option of attending one of the following Online sessions:

When can I start my class?

Default access to the course on Blackboard typically occurs one week before the first day of class.

Many instructors will set the access date for Blackboard to the first day of classes.

If you do not see your class listed on your Course List in Blackboard by the second day of your class, contact the Help Desk.

Where can I find information about my course before the first day of class?

Your instructor may send specific instructions to your Sheridan College e-mail account. Access your e-mail account as soon as possible. You can even e-mail your instructor and they may send you the syllabus in Microsoft Word format.

How do I get my textbooks for the course?

You can access either the Sheridan College Bookstore or Gillette College Bookstore online bookstores to purchase your textbooks and other required materials.

How do I find my course on Blackboard?

Access your courses in Blackboard via MyNWCCD.

If you do not see your course listed by the second day of class contact the Distance Learning Help Desk.

What if I run into trouble?

If you run into technical issues, please contact the Distance Learning Help Desk.

Why is my course not listed on the Blackboard Courses tab?

Course sites in Blackboard will not be visible until the first day of the course. Some instructors, however, open their courses up before the first day in order for students to browse around. If your course is not showing up after the first day, please contact your instructor as they may have set the course availability to Not Available.

Why don’t my files open when I click on them?

There are many possible reasons you cannot see your files. One common problem is pop-up blockers. Your instructor may set up documents in “Open in a new window”. This means that the document will not open inside of blackboard, but instead will open another instance of your Internet Browser to view the opened document. You will have problems reading these documents if you have pop-up blockers set on your computer. Click the links below for instructions on turning off Pop-up blockers.

Turning off Pop-up blockers in IE One Pager!

Turning off Pop-up blockers in Firefox One Pager!

Turning off Pop-up blockers in Safari One Pager!

If you have additional software on your computer you may have to look at the information for that software to determine how to turn off the Pop-up blockers within that software. Below are two of the most common:

Google Toolbar –

Yahoo Toolbar –