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Participants Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (375 KB)

Participant Users Manual (PDF) (4.86MB)

What’s New

Here are the latest Blackboard Collaborateâ„¢ 12.5 resources for participants, moderators, and administrators.

What’s new in Blackboard Collaborate 12.5
Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Web Conferencing


Making Collaborate Visible To Students

Creating a Blackboard Collaborate Session

How to Conduct Polling in Blackboard Collaborate

Application Sharing With Blackboard Collaborate

How to Open a PowerPoint Presentation In Blackboard Collaborate

Recording a Blackboard Collaborate Session


General Tutorials

from Blackboard

  • Overview for Moderators (recording)
  • Getting Started for Moderators (PDF)
  • Essentials for Moderators (HMTL)
  • Moderator’s Guide (HTML)
  • Accessibility Guide (HTML | PDF)
  • Using Telephony for Moderators (PDF)
  • Mobile (Android) Web Conferencing Session Management Tips for Moderators (PDF)
  • Mobile (iOS) Web Conferencing Session Management Tips for Moderators (PDF)
  • Plan Installation and Registration Guide (PDF)
  • Plan User’s Guide (PDF)
  • Publish Installation and User’s Guide (PDF)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Quick Reference Guide (PDF)


  • Building Block for Web Conferencing 4.1.x User’s Guide (HTML)
  • Vista/CE Powerlink for Web Conferencing User’s Guide (HTML)
  • Moodle Integration for Web Conferencing User’s Guide (HTML | PDF)


  • Introduction to the Participants Panel (PDF)
  • Using the Audio & Video Panel (PDF)
  • Using Chat (PDF)
  • Audio Setup Wizard (PDF)
  • Loading a PowerPoint File (PDF)
  • Using the Whiteboard (PDF | recording)
  • Using the Polling Feature Wizard (PDF)
  • Using Application Sharing (PDF | recording)
  • Using Web Tour (PDF | recording)
  • Using Telephony (PDF)
  • Getting Started with Recordings (PDF)