Camtasia Studio

The following resources were created by Tech Smith and are located on their Website.

Getting Started

The very basics of using Camtasia Studio 8. This series starts by preparing you for your first recording and ends with sharing a finished video project. (Includes a sample script and recording to work along with.)

Title Length
01: Prepare, Script, Audio 2:25
02: Record Your Screen 2:34
03: Save .Camrec and Project Management 1:53
04: Editing Dimensions and Saving 3:05
05: Explore the Editor 4:40
06: Apply SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan 5:08
07: Cut Unwanted Media on the Timeline 2:49
08: Add a Callout to Direct Viewers’ Attention 4:15
09: Visual Properties 3:10
10: Produce and Share Your Video 3:37


Once you have the essentials down, take your editing to the next level by exploring advanced features and techniques.

Title Length
Canvas: In-Depth 4:05
Timeline: In-Depth 5:14
Editing: In-Depth 3:57
Animations: In-Depth 4:38
Introduction to Grouping 2:08
Introduction to Markers 5:05
Using Crop Mode 1:26
Remove a Color (Green Screen) 5:29
Stitching Essentials 2:49


Looking to improve your narration or add music to your videos? This short series walks you through audio editing in Camtasia Studio.

Title Length
Audio Basics 4:18
Cleaning Up Mistakes 4:22
Working with Music 4:33


Captioning makes your videos accessible and searchable. Explore the many ways Camtasia Studio 8 makes adding and managing captions a breeze.

Title Length
Speech to Text 3:17
Sync with Script 3:05
Add Captions Manually 4:24
Import and Export 2:25
Make Videos Searchable 1:45


Need to check for viewer understanding? Adding quizzes to your videos can help close the feedback loop.

Title Length
Introduction to Quizzing – Engage Your Viewers 6:14
Receiving Quiz Results via Email 4:11
SCORM Content Packages 8:03
Quizzing – A Sample 0:15

Other Concepts

Title Length
Zooming: Quality Concepts 2:19
Custom Production Settings 5:33
TechSmith Smart Player: What You Should Know 1:03
Camtasia Relay and Camtasia Studio 8 Integration

 Handbooks and Tutorials

First Walkthrough

Camtasia Studio 7 First Walk Through Guide
(PDF, 1.1 MB)

Engage Camtasia

Create Engaging Screencasts
(PDF .1 MB)