Distance Learning Options


Online classes can be completed 100% at a distance. Students and instructors will communicate and collaborate in the Blackboard learning management system. First-time online learners are expected to complete an Orientation to Online Learning option prior to the end of the first week of classes. Successful students should be self-motivated and actively participate in the learning process.

The following programs can be completed entirely online.
Please work with your advisor to ensure you are meeting the program requirements (links below).
View the semester schedules and search by term and Location of Distance Learning.
Business – Associate Arts (AA)
Business-Associate Science (AS)
Business – (Certificate)
Computer Information Systems-Associate Science (AS)
Computer Networking Administration – (AAS)
Cyber Security (AAS)
Cyber Security – (Certificate)
Early Childhood Education (AS)
Early Childhood Education (Certificate)
English-Associate Arts (AA)
General Science-Associate Science (AS)
General Studies-Associate Arts (AA)
General Studies-Associate Science (AS)
History-Associate Arts (AA)
Social Science (AA)

At least ninety percent (90%) of the courses in the following degree programs can be completed online.
Please work with your advisor in identifying those courses that must be taken on campus.
Business (AAS)
Comp Web Design (AAS)

Early Childhood Education (AAS)
Personal Trainer Education (CCD)
Psychology (AA)


Hybrid courses take the best of face-to-face (F2F) and online environments and combine them to enhance learning. Hybrid courses at NWCCD are at least 1/3 online and have a maximum of 2/3 online. Online activities can include self-paced learning activities through readings, videos, discussion board participation, and exams just to name a few. The F2F element allows instructors to provide the personal interaction that may be the most attractive to students.


The college offers classes through an interactive video conferencing format. These classes allow students to take a class that is taught by an instructor on either the Sheridan or Gillette campus while simultaneously connecting with students on the opposite campus via a video conferencing link. This video and audio hookup allows students at both sites to fully participate in the class. Video conferencing classes are essentially held like any regular classroom class except that in this instance the instructor is not physically present on one of the campuses but rather is there through an interactive video link. For some class sessions the instructor may travel to the other campus to originate the class from that location. Textbooks and any other course materials for these classes will be available through the bookstore on each campus.