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Sheridan College Main Street (800.913.9139) (307.674.6446)
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Walker, Beth
Title: Director of Advising and Testing Services
Email: bwalker@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Student Services
Phone: 1411

Walker, Michael
Title: Faculty
Email: mwalker@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Humanities / Social Science
Phone: 3212

Walters, Jacalyn
Title: Administrative Coordinator
Email: jwalters@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Foundation
Phone: 1319

Weiss, Amber
Title: User Services Coordinator
Email: aweiss@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: IT
Phone: 4602

Wendel, Karen
Title: Faculty
Email: kwendel@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business
Phone: 1140

West, Robin
Title: Faculty
Email: rwest@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 3019

Whyte, Randall
Title: Faculty
Email: rwhyte@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 3506

Will, Jennifer
Title: Business Office Coordinator
Email: jwill@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business Office
Phone: 2403

Will, Steve "Jim"
Title: Faculty
Email: sjwill@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Math
Phone: 3111

Williams, Barbara
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: barbw@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Student Services
Phone: 4008

Williams, Mary Sue
Title: ABE Instructor
Email: williams@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Johnson County
Phone: 307-684-5448

Winter, Jenni
Title: Athletic Director
Email: jwinter@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Athletics
Phone: 1443

Wohl, Jane
Title: Faculty
Email: jwohl@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 3003

Woller, John
Title: Grounds Specialist
Email: jwoller@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Grounds
Phone: 2992

Wyatt, Amy
Title: Faculty
Email: awyatt@sheridan.edu
Department: Health Science
Phone: 3311