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Macha, Catherine
Title: Accounts Payable Specialist
Department: Business Office
Phone: 2404

Malyurek, Amanda
Title: Faculty
Email: amalyurek@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health Science
Phone: 1205

Marquith, David
Title: Faculty
Email: marquith@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Humanities / Social Science
Phone: 3502

Marshall, Mallery
Title: Coordinator of Student Success Gear Up
Email: mmarshall@sheridan.edu
Department: Gear up
Phone: 2009

Mason, Elizabeth
Title: Faculty
Email: emason@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Math
Phone: 3113

Maurer, Jessica
Title: Administrative Coordinator
Email: jmaurer@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Dean
Phone: 1100

McArthur, Jennifer
Title: Director of Human Resources
Email: jmcarthur@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Human Resources
Phone: 2811

McCarthy, Frank
Title: Womens Basketball Coach
Email: mccarthy@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Athletics
Phone: 4001

McCartney, Bruce
Title: Grounds Specialist
Department: Grounds
Phone: 2990

McCrary, John
Title: Facilities Specialist
Email: jmccrary@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial
Phone: x

McCrary, Sean
Title: Diesel Instructor
Email: tmccrary@sheridan.edu
Department: Technical
Phone: 1160

McDowell, Judith
Title: Faculty
Email: mcdowell@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health Science
Phone: 3306

McGee, Douglas
Title: Faculty
Email: dmcgee@sheridan.edu
Department: Humanities/Social Science
Phone: 1106

McGuire, John
Title: Director of Business Education
Email: jmcguire@sheridan.edu
Department: Technical
Phone: 1140

McKinley, Joshua
Title: Police Officer
Email: jmckinley@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Police
Phone: 4152

Medina, Wendi
Title: Facilities Specialist
Email: wmedina@sheridan.edu
Department: Custodial
Phone: X

Metz, Donna
Title: Financial Aid Assistant
Email: dmetz@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Enrollment
Phone: 2100

Michelena, Josh
Title: Faculty
Email: jmichelena@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 3516

Miller, Miranda
Title: Faculty
Email: mmiller@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 1115

Miller, Troy
Title: Faculty
Email: tmiller@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 1167

Milne, Robert
Title: Faculty
Email: rmilne@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Science
Phone: 3106

Mittleider, Cara
Title: Business Office Director
Email: cmittleider@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business Office
Phone: 1442

Morris, Guy
Title: Diesel Lab Assistant
Email: gmorris@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical Careers
Phone: 3507

Mueller, Joe
Title: Executive Director of Admissions Services
Email: jbmueller@sheridan.edu
Department: Student Services
Phone: 2007

Mueller, Joel
Title: Locksmith
Email: jmueller@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Maintenance
Phone: 2906

Muirhead, Carol
Title: Faculty
Email: cmuirhead@sheridan.edu
Department: Technical
Phone: 1314

Muller, Dennis
Title: Coordinator/Trainer OSHA
Email: dmuller@sheridan.edu
Department: ISTI
Phone: 1683