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La Forge, Rita
Title: Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead
Email: rlaforge@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial

LaDuke, Kristen
Title: Business Office Coordinator
Email: kladuke@SHERIDAN.edu
Department: Business Office
Phone: 1444

Laduke, Will
Title: Rodeo Coach
Email: wladuke@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Athletics
Phone: 1401

Lance, Mary Ann
Title: Faculty
Email: mlance@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Math
Phone: 3109

Landeis, Rick
Title: Faculty
Email: rlandeis@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Agriculture
Phone: 3511

Lanka, Jason
Title: Faculty
Email: jlanka@sheridan.edu
Department: Art
Phone: 3032

Larson, Ruth
Title: Director of Counseling and ADA Services
Email: rularson@sheridan.edu
Department: Student Services
Phone: 2008

Lawrence, Linda
Title: Director of Development
Email: lawrence@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Foundation
Phone: 4304

Layher, Sally
Title: Faculty
Email: slayher@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health and Wellness
Phone: 3310

Lenz, Tim
Title: Staff Accountant
Email: tlenz@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business Office
Phone: 4305

Leonard, Monica
Title: Facilities Specialist
Email: mleonard@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial
Phone: x

Lewis, Effie
Title: Faculty
Email: elewis@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health Science
Phone: 3403

Lindsay, Jayson
Title: Project Director of DOL TAA/CCCT Grant
Email: jlindsay@SHERIDAN.edu
Department: TAACCCT Grant
Phone: 1303

Livingston, Robert
Title: Faculty
Email: rlivingston@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 1621

Lohse, Kathryn
Title: Ag Student Recruiter
Email: kfambrough@sheridan.edu
Department: Agriculture
Phone: 3522

Lollar, James
Title: Assistant Director of Facilities
Email: jlollar@sheridan.edu
Department: Physical Plant
Phone: 2907

Lucas, Joshua
Title: Construction Technician
Email: jlucas@SHERIDAN.edu
Department: Physical Plant
Phone: 2910

Lynn, Ross
Title: Faculty
Email: rlynn@SHERIDAN.edu
Department: Culinary Arts
Phone: 3508