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Schaedler, Joyce
Title: Faculty
Email: joyces@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business
Phone: 1103

Schenderline, Amy
Title: Facilities Specialist
Email: aschenderline@sheridan.edu
Department: Custodial

Schiner, Carl
Title: Faculty
Email: cschiner@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 3504

Schulze, Everett
Title: Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead
Email: eschulze@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial
Phone: x

Scott, Ian
Title: Grounds Supervisor/Campus Planner & Safety Coordinator
Email: iscott@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Physical Plant
Phone: 1307

Serge, Susan
Title: Manager of Counseling Services and Disability Services
Email: sserge@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Student Services
Phone: 2350

Serna, Millie
Title: Information Systems Developer
Email: mserna@sheridan.edu
Department: IT
Phone: 2610

Seville, Delbert
Title: Custodial Manager
Email: dseville@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial
Phone: 2950

Shafer, Carole
Title: Director of Workforce and Community Education
Email: cshafer@sheridan.edu
Department: WFD
Phone: 1312

Shanks, Angelique
Title: Facilities Specialist
Email: ashanks@sheridan.edu
Department: Custodial
Phone: X

Shepherd, Thomas
Title: Faculty
Email: tshepherd@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 1311

Shuler, Tawni
Title: Faculty
Email: tshuler@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Art
Phone: 3004

Sikkenga, John
Title: Faculty
Email: sikkenga@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 3507

Simmons, Jonna
Title: Faculty
Email: jsimmons@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health Science
Phone: 1202

Sinclair, Sarah
Title: Faculty
Email: ssinclair@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 3006

Smiley, Nicole
Title: Faculty
Email: nsmiley@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health Science
Phone: 4007

Smith, Wendy
Title: Director of Marketing and Public Information
Email: wsmith@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Marketing
Phone: 2801

Spann, Sara
Title: Faculty
Email: sspann@sheridan.edu
Department: Technical
Phone: 3030

St. Clair, Karen
Title: Director of Workforce Training & Development
Email: kstclair@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: WFD
Phone: 4502

Stadler, Jennifer
Title: Womens Volleyball Coach
Email: jweitzel@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Athletics
Phone: 4002

Stadler, Josh
Title: Grounds Technician
Email: jstadler@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Grounds
Phone: 2904

Stephenson, Stephen
Title: Faculty
Email: sstephenson@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Agriculture
Phone: 3514

Stevenson, Michelle
Title: Human Resources Specialist
Email: mstevenson@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Human Resources
Phone: 2812

Stewart, Alice
Title: Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead
Email: aball@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial
Phone: x

Storey, Ann
Title: Thorne-Rider Campus Center Specialist
Email: astorey@SHERIDAN.edu
Department: Housing and Resident Life
Phone: 2307

Strain, Tiffany
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: tstrain@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business Office / Dean of Tech
Phone: 1440

Stransky, Tim
Title: Executive Director of Sheridan College Foundation
Email: tstransky@sheridan.edu
Department: Foundation
Phone: 4307

Stratton, James
Title: Director of ISTI and MSHA Grant Coordinator
Email: jstratton@sheridan.edu
Department: ISTI
Phone: 1685

Stryker, Rhonda
Title: ABE Instructor
Email: rstryker@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Learning Center
Phone: 1459

Stryker-Kemp, Laura
Title: Assistant Registrar
Email: lstryker@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Records & Registration
Phone: 1432