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Davis, Dee
Title: Administrative Coordinator
Email: deedavis@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Foundation
Phone: 4303

De Deo, Keri
Title: Faculty
Email: kdedeo@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 3011

Dearinger, Tracy
Title: Faculty
Email: dearinger@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business
Phone: 3202

Denny, Charles
Title: Faculty
Email: cdenny@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 1104

Derryberry, Kelly
Title: Faculty
Email: kellyd@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: English
Phone: 1456

Desch, Karen
Title: Faculty
Email: kdesch@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Business
Phone: 1131

Destefano, Ray
Title: Faculty
Email: rdestefano@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 1310

Deuel, Boyd
Title: Admissions Counselor
Email: bdeuel@sheridan.edu
Department: Student Services
Phone: 2014

Dray, Patricia
Title: Faculty
Email: pdray@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Health Science
Phone: 3406

Dugal, Rod
Title: Faculty
Email: rdugal@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Fine Arts
Phone: 3008

Edmundson, Mary
Title: Administrative Assistant
Email: marye@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Physical Plant
Phone: 2900

Ellenwood, Jennifer
Title: Human Resources Specialist
Email: jennye@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Human Resources
Phone: 2810

Elwood, Sharon
Title: Dean of Enrollment Services
Email: elwood@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Dean
Phone: 2820

Engel, Scott
Title: Associate Dean of Academics
Email: sengel@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Academics
Phone: 1130

Englert, Mark
Title: Vice President of Gillette College and CEO
Email: menglert@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Vice President
Phone: 1301

Erickson, Ami
Title: Dean of Ag, Science, Math and Culinary
Email: amie@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Dean
Phone: 3104

Erickson, Chris
Title: Faculty
Email: cerickson@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Fine Arts
Phone: 3050

Eskam, Shannon
Title: Assistant Director of Financial Aid Services
Email: seskam@sheridan.edu
Department: Financial Aid
Phone: 1420

Ethier, Marlene
Title: E A Whitney Endowed Nursing Chair
Email: methier@sheridan.edu
Department: Health Science
Phone: 3304

Fackrell, Brady
Title: Director of ITS (CIO)
Email: bfackrell@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: IT
Phone: 2606

Fall, Callie
Title: Payroll Specialist
Email: cfall@sheridan.edu
Department: Human Resources
Phone: 2406

Fambrough, Kathryn
Title: Ag Student Recruiter
Email: kfambrough@sheridan.edu
Department: Agriculture

Fischer, Duane
Title: Faculty
Email: dfischer@sheridan.edu
Department: Technical
Phone: 3521

Fletcher, Linda
Title: User Services Coordinator
Department: IT
Phone: 2601

Fox, Kevin
Title: Faculty
Email: kfox@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Technical
Phone: 3503

Gaddy, Stoney
Title: Director of Distance & Distributive Learning
Email: sgaddy@SHERIDAN.EDU
Phone: 4601

Garcia, Carol
Title: Dean of Students
Email: cgarcia@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Dean
Phone: 2303

Garcia-Miranda, Lucia
Title: Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead
Email: lnoyola@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Custodial
Phone: x

Garstad, Zane
Title: Director of College Services
Email: zgarstad@SHERIDAN.EDU
Department: Vice President
Phone: 2006

Gast, Kristen
Title: Director of Financial Aid Services
Email: kgast@sheridan.edu
Department: Financial Aid
Phone: 2103