Certified Nurses Aide I

Would you like to get started in a healthcare career in less time than a nursing degree would require?  Certified Nursing Assistants assist medical staff and care for patients in settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes.

This training will provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to perform in the role of the nursing assistant.   The college’s program provides an essential, practical and hands-on education to fully prepare students to take their Wyoming State Board of Nursing (WSBN) exam and be successful.

Certified Nursing Aide II

If you are a CNA 1 who is interested in boosting your earning power and advancement potential, then CNA 2 training is right for you!  Course provides existing CNAs with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Certified Nursing Assistant 2 (CNA 2).

Med Aide

Medical Aides act as assistants to physicians in nursing homes and hospitals, and they are supervised by registered nurses. CMAs work with patients who have stable health and need only routine check-ups and dosages of medication.  A medication aide career is often treated as a stepping stone to a more advanced nursing career. Since Medication Aides can be employed at health facilities with many patients who require constant care, they can gain basic nursing experience.  Certified Medical Assistants are taught to fill both administrative and clinical roles in a health care environment. Some of the administrative tasks they perform may be patient billing, scheduling, insurance claim submissions, database entry, outside referrals, prescription orders, desk reception, medical and financial records management, mail processing, and purchasing of supplies or equipment.