– No payment will be made for classes that are NOT REQUIRED for a student’s program/degree.
– The VA WILL NOT pay for repeat courses that were successfully completed. The exception is when a higher grade is required as part of the requirements for a specific degree program.
– The VA WILL NOT pay for online remedial classes (under 1000 course number).

– Payments are made “in arrears.”  This means you go to school for the month, say September, and then get paid at the beginning of the next month, October.
– Students are REQUIRED to have VA payments deposited directly into a checking/savings account of their choice. Use your WAVE account or call 1-877-838-2778 to set up an account or to update current direct deposit account information. Payments are received quicker and you can track payments using your WAVE account.
– VA monthly benefits are paid to the student based on both credit enrollment and the length of the semester course.

Monthly Verification
– Students receiving benefits under GI Bill® chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 must verify monthly enrollment. You have the option of calling in your monthly verification or using the internet to verify.
The toll-free number is 1-877-823-2378.
The website is

Attendance and Overpayment
– If you do not attend class . . . you are not entitled to benefits.
– Attendance is expected all the way to the end of the semester.
– If you stop attending a class, you must drop officially through the Records Office and report the drop to the NWCCD Veteran Services Office. Federal law requires that students report any change in enrollment status, which might affect VA educational benefits.
– Any withdrawals or class changes may result in an overpayment. In order to prevent the possibility of an overpayment, promptly notify the Veteran Services Office of any changes in your enrollment. If you are overpaid, you will be required to pay the VA back immediately. The Regional Processing Office will contact you by mail on what type of payment options are available.
– When there is an overpayment, the VA will generally withhold future payments or take repayment out of current semester benefits. Depending on the situation, they can take you to court, charge interest, as well as withhold future tax refunds, attach wages, put a lien on property or deny home loans.
– Although the NWCCD Veteran Certifying Official monitors student attendance, it is imperative that you report any enrollment change immediately.
– The VA will consider mitigating circumstances in determining if there is an overpayment if the student provides adequate evidence for dropping a class.

Concurrent Enrollment At Two Schools
– You may be enrolled at more than one school during the same semester provided all course work applies to the same degree. The school where you are receiving a degree will be your “Primary School.” The other is the “Secondary/Guest School.” The courses you enroll in at the secondary school must be approved by your primary school in order for you to receive benefits.
– If you want to use concurrent enrollment, contact the primary school and request a “Primary School Letter” be sent to the secondary school. The letter indicates that the primary school will grant credit toward the current degree/major for the specifically approved course(s) taken at the secondary school. The student has to provide the primary school with their class schedule from the secondary school for evaluation and approval in order for the Primary School Letter to be sent.
– You are responsible for informing BOTH school’s VA Certifying Official where your parent school is located and in requesting certification for the classes you are enrolled in at their institution.

Dual Program or Objective
– Dual majors or a major and minor are allowed by the VA provided all course work applies to one of the degrees.
– Students may also pursue a dual objective such as a degree and a certificate.
– A program of education may lead to more than one educational, professional, or vocational objective provided that all the objectives are reasonably related to a single career field.
– Students must declare a double major/program through the Records Office and notify the Veteran Services Office to add or change a program.

Retroactive Benefits
– VA Benefits can be paid retroactively for up to one year for a prior enrollment. However, late applications are not recommended and you are strongly encouraged to submit your application the semester you first enroll at NWCCD.