Interesting News and Helpful Information

New Information

4/15/15:  Effective July 1, 2015 any veteran or covered dependent that enrolls within 3 years of date of discharge is granted in-state tuition regardless of what state they moved from.
8/25/14:  The Marna M. Kuehne Veterans Center at Sheridan College opens thanks to a generous donation from the Marna M. Kuehne Foundation.  The Veterans Center is located in the lower level of the remodeled Thorne-Rider Campus Center.
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9/19/13:  New GI Bill® payment rates available for school year 13-14.
7/1/13:  Veteran designation now available on WY driver’s license.  Complete application, mail to Veterans Commission, and then renew your license.  Designation is a red “V” in top right corner of driver’s license.
3/25/13:  Joint Services Transcript replaces individual Service websites.  The Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS); the Sailor Marine Corps American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART); and the Coast Guard Institute (CGI);  have aligned to implement one collaborative transcript program.


Creating veteran success through:
– Administration of education benefits to all veterans and their eligible dependents.
– Assistance during the transition to college.
– On-going support services.

Outlined below is the process we will follow in instituting veteran priority registration:
1. Veteran must meet in person with an advisor and complete any necessary placement exams.
2. Advisor and veteran review educational plan and complete a paper registration.
3. Veteran delivers registration form to the Records Office.
4. Records Office will process the veterans’ registrations the afternoon prior to registration opening for other students.

– No break pay. You won’t get benefits over Christmas break. That means your Jan and Feb payments will be half of normal since Dec and Jan only have classes for half of each month. Plan now for this disruption in your GI Bill®.

VA and State News

– Veteran Designation on WY Driver’s License (7/1/13)
 Honorably discharged veterans can now have a government issued identification that verifies their status as a veteran.  This is useful for in-store discounts.  Complete application, mail to Veterans Commission, and then renew your license. Designation is a red “V” in top right corner of driver’s license.
– State Property Tax or Vehicle Registration Exemption (1/30/12)
Apply at your County Assessor’s office between January 1st and the fourth Monday in May, each year. A recent change to the law allows for a streamlined renewal process. Once you provide documentation to establish your initial eligibility, you may call the County Assessor’s office during this time period and renew your exemption.
Who qualifies? Veterans must be residents of Wyoming three or more years prior to claiming the tax exemption and must have a DD Form 214 or equivalent from their branch of service. Additionally, one of the following must apply:
*Served in the Armed Forces during:
– World War II (Dec. 7, 1941 – Dec. 31, 1946); or
– Korean War (June 27, 1950 – Jan. 31, 1955); or
– Vietnam War (Feb. 28, 1961 – May 7, 1975); or
*Must have served overseas during an armed conflict and received an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal or equivalent; or
*Be a disabled Veteran with a compensable service-connected disability as certified by VA or a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. VA or DOD agency disability letter required.
*Be the surviving spouse of a qualifying Veteran who resides in Wyoming and did not remarry.
The exemption applies to taxes on a Veteran’s primary residence lowering the assessed value by $3,000. The $800 cap was removed in 2007. Veterans who reached the previous cap have new eligibility and they should reapply for this important benefit.
Applying exemption to vehicles:
If the exemption is not used on property, it may be applied to a vehicle’s licensing fee (not sales tax). More than one vehicle may qualify, but the total exemption shall not exceed $90. The vehicle(s) must be titled to the Veteran before qualifying. Leased vehicles do not qualify.

– VA for VETS
VA for Vets is an initiative that provides a gateway for VA jobs, career services, coaching and reintegration support.

– Ch 33 Tuition and Fees
Starting in Fall 2011, Ch 33 only pays for net in-state tuition and fees. WUE and out of state students are not charged in-state tuition.
– WY Veteran License Plate Stickers now available.