As a veteran, you have more options available to you to pay for college.¬† Student aid is based on a simple¬†“need” formula.

COA РEFC = need   

 [cost of attendance Рexpected family contribution = need]

The anticipated cost of attending Sheridan or Gillette Colleges is listed here.

After determining what the student is expected to contribute, the financial aid package is developed as follows:

Estimated Financial Assistance = grants + loans + scholarships + work study + Ch 33 tuition/fees

Only Ch 33 tuition and fee payments are considered part of the EFA.  Other VA benefits are not part of the EFC or EFA.


There are 3 main avenues for veteran students to pay for college:

GI Bill

Wyoming Veteran Benefits

Financial Aid

Some state and federal programs can be combined; however, if tuition/fees are paid only one program can be used.

Other federal aid, such as Title IV grants and loans, can be used with any state or federal veteran benefit.