Pre-Run Suggestions

1. Oil your hair before the race to make it easier to wash the color out.  If you have lighter colored hair, you might want to consider this option.  You can use olive oil, coconut oil, or a leave in conditioner.

2. Wear sunscreen, lip balm, and shades.  You can never be too careful with the sun, and you’ll want to keep color out of your eyes.

3. The color should eventually wash out of everything (except maybe your run shirt), but you may not want to wear any items you want to keep in pristine condition.

4. Be prepared to have a blast, enjoy the exercise, and celebrate our veterans’ service with friends.

Run Day

We suggest showing up 30-45 minutes in advance to ensure you have picked up your registration packet or registered before the event.

Spectators welcome and participation encouraged!  Color and t-shirts will be available for purchase.

Wear camoflage pants or shorts to show support for our military and veterans.

The run will be around the Sheridan College campus.  Directional signs will be posted and painted on the route.  “Enemy combatants” (color throwers) will be posted at different positions throughout the run to ambush runners.  There will also be other volunteers to help direct the way.


1.  Avoid throwing powder directly into another person’s eyes.

2.  Stay on the marked route.

3.  No pets.

4.  No entering buildings.  Use the port-a-potties. 

5.  Last, remember this is purely for healthy fun; don’t take it too seriously.


Enter the campus through the main entrance and take a right at the intersection.  Park in Lot A, which is the commuter lot.  Registration and start/finish line will be near the Veterans Plaza, which is on the west end of Parking Lot A (3 flagpoles).