NWCCD, Sheridan College Parent and Family Guide

NWCCD, Gillette College Parent and Family Guide (Coming Soon)

Alcohol Poisoning Signs, Consequences and What to Do

Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

General FERPA Guidelines for Parents

Helping Students Deal with Homesickness

Helping Your Student Ask for Help

Helping Your Student Help Friends in Distress

How Not to Get in a Car With an Impaired Person

Keeping Yourself and Your Student Healthy

Knowing When to Refer Your Student to a Professional

Move Out Prep

Moving Home After Graduation

Safety Don’ts in a community

Smoking Among College Students

So Many Options, So Much Time

Stress Management Made Simple

Talking With Your Student about Effective Confrontation

The Mid Term Check

The Nuances of Networking


Online Resources

College Parents of America was created to become a one-stop shop of information and guidance for parents – from the time they begin preparing for their children to go to college, through the complex admissions process, until their college graduation.


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How to Help Your Teenager Find the Right Career
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