Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement

Supporting the NWCCD Mission, Student Affairs provides critical services, developmental activities, and experiences for the matriculation, retention, academic achievement, personal development, and quality of life for NWCCD students. Working closely with faculty, staff, students, and community we create stimulating and educational environments conducive to the students’ holistic growth and development.


Engaging students

Leadership development

Strategic Goals

  • Create a community that
    • facilitates the physical and emotional wellness, retention, academic advancement and graduation of students
    • Affirms civility, rewards community service, supports access and retention, establishes cohesive living and learning environments, encourages vibrant student life, school spirit and tradition, recognizes student rights, and respects and accepts diversity and differences on an individual, institutional, and global level.
    • Supports learning and personal development through co-curriculars, fosters an environment where students learn outside of the classroom, increases opportunities, and raises student expectations by involving them in decision-making and leadership roles.
  • Seeks to recognize, celebrate, and integrate diversity within the campus culture.
  • Provides a wide range of educational opportunities, a greater appreciation for and understanding of diversity, and preparation to assume leadership roles within the community.
  • Provides student services which intentionally enhance student learning and the identified student outcomes of personal identity and intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, and physical development.
  • Assists all students in successfully making the transition to NWCCD and beyond.
  • Responds to the issues, ideas and needs of all constituencies, internal and external, by providing support, education, collaboration, and services to faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the community.