Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM the Physical Plant may be reached at 674-6446 ext 6147

To request services please use the links below

Services By Department

Facilities Maintenace

Building Systems Architectural Services, electrical, HVAC & R, mechanical maintenance, and preventative maintenance services.
Utilities Power, sewer, water systems, and exterior lighting.
Environmental Health and Safety HVAC, fire protection , emergency lighting, emergency generators, and asbestos abatement.
Special Services Elevators, keys/locksmithing, signmaking, central receiving, and Physical Plant stores.
Computing & Information Services Information on the Physical Plant department and services, Building information, Equipment lists etc.
Motor Pool Vehicle Service, vehicle reservation system and fuel system management.



Custodial Area cleaning, carpet shampooing/extracting, trash removal, and floor refinishing.
Special Services Furniture moving, setups for events, pest control, some light bulb replacement, sign making.
Computing & Information services Information on Physical Plant department and services


Special services Vehicle requests, and all other service requests. Plans, Specifications, Project Documentation, equipment files, maps, project estimates and Vender Coordination.
Computing & Information Services Information on Physical Plant Departments, Physical Plant Database Management and Services.



Grounds Lawn Care, irrigation, tree planting, pruning, weed control, and flower planting
Special Services Garbage collection, street maintenance, sidewalk maintenance, snow removal, and street sanding. Portable sign to advertise special events.
Computing & Information Services Information on Physical Plant department and services