Helpdesk Hours

Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon РThurs      7:30AM Р9:00PM
Fridays               7:30AM Р5:00PM
Summer Semester:
Mon РThurs      7:30AM Р6:00PM
Phone: 307-674-3300 (or dial extension 2600 from any phone on campus)

Safe Computing

General Do’s and Don’ts:
1.Don’t download from an unsecure site or illegal materials. (It is not only illegal it can damage or destroy your computer. See Know the Law for information regarding the laws pertaining to downloading media and other files.)
2.Don’t share your password. See Password Guidelines for help with passwords. The general rule of thumb is to treat your password like your toothbrush: don’t let someone else use it and change it regularly.
3.Don’t leave your computer unattended. See the Unattended Computer Procedures for more information. Remember “Ctrl – Alt – Delete” if you are going to leave your seat.
4.If you have an employee computer, please keep it on after 8PM (at work or home) on Thursdays for our ITS schedules antivirus scan. Also please follow this document if you are notified by ITS staff to do a manual scan.
Spyware & Adware Removal Software:
1.Download Ad-Aware SE Personal
2.Download SpyBo t- Search & Destroy
3.Download Microsoft Security Essentials for free from Microsoft.com.

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