An AQIP Project to review and update those competencies that the institution has identified as absolutely foundational for all students obtaining a certificate or degree was launched in the Spring of 2008. These competencies, and the indicators demarking them, have been labeled as Core Abilities and Core Indicators. Faculty received training in the general principles of assessment, and over that year, the Assessment Committee worked with faculty to identify the Core Abilities that all degree programs aim to instill in graduates.  These are:

Think Critically
Acquire and Apply Knowledge
Communicate Effectively

In Fall 2009 faculty developed indicators and criteria for each Ability.  Checklists to assess the criteria were piloted in a select number of General Education classes in Spring 2010. 

Implementation of the Core Ability Assessment Plan will be initiated using General Education courses in Fall 2010, and generalizable data will be available at the end of Summer 2011. Programs will review mapping of Core Abilities within their curriculum and identify additional courses for assessment.

An AQIP Project to update and revise Program Outcomes and measures for all professional and career degree programs was launched in Spring 2010 with a completion date of Spring 2011. 

Please click here for reports from our previous system of assessing core learning.

Information about both AQIP Projects can be found here.