Sharon Elwood, Dean of Enrollment Services
Steffie Rawlings, Institutional Research Assistant

The Office of Institutional Research is committed to providing reliable information to facilitate planning, decision-making, and assessment activities.  In doing so, we rely on data collected through Colleague, our administrative computing software, as well as surveys and other sources identified for specific reporting purposes.

More specifically, we

  • conduct reporting activities in support of planning, decision-making, and evaluation.
  • promote the validity and reliability of institutional data and reporting.
  • work collaboratively with internal and external customers to meet data needs.
  • support departments with program review and outcome assessment data.
  • respond to internal requests for institutional data.
  • serve as a primary contact with state and federal agencies with respect to data reporting.
  • respond to external surveys and questionnaires.
  • develop and conduct surveys.


Contact Information:
Office of Institutional Research
Whitney Building, Room W132B
Sheridan, Wyoming
Voice: (307) 674-6446, Ext. 2820
Fax: (307) 674-7205