All grant applications and contracts for grant funds on behalf of Northern Wyoming Community College District must come through the Grants Office for review and the approval process, except grants administered by the VP for Administration.

Following is the process for applying for and administering grant funds within the Northern Wyoming Community College District:


Individuals wishing to apply for a grant must FIRST notify their supervisor and then the Grants Office that they are in the process of seeking a grant.

Individuals wishing to apply for grant funds complete a “Grant Proposal Form ” identifying the proposed project and supplying a projected budget

Grants Office staff notify the Vice President of Development, who then notifies the College President and other affected executive staff.

Funding sources are investigated and/or identified.

If approved by college executive staff for application, a Grant Development Team will be assembled.  


  • Project champions within the department that will be receiving the grant funds
    • Willing to acquire support documentation for their project
    • Willing to help write the grant
    • Willing to work on the grant project if it is awarded
  • VP of Development and/or Grants Coordinator
  • Business Office representation (i.e. Controller)
  • Representatives from other departments that will be affected by the grant (i.e. if marketing is required, the Public Information Office should be involved, etc.)
  • Community partners where applicable (i.e. Industry partners, economic development and Department of Employment partners where applicable)

Grant Development Team secures necessary documentation for the application to move forward. 


  • Support data and documentation verifying need (i.e. letters from related industry members, economic development and/or Department of Employment indicating need within the affected industry of the local workforce, etc.)
  • Industry commitments (letters of commitment)

Grant Development Team and Grants Department collaborate to develop a grant application within granting agency guidelines set forth in the agency’s grant solicitation documentation.

Grants Department secures appropriate signatures, packages the application and submits it to the granting agency.  


  • One signature on the application must include the Vice President for Development.
  • Other signatures may include
    • The VP for Development is the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for federal grants.
    • Project Manager/PI
    • Community partners required by the grant guidelines, such as industry partners, economic development representatives, and Department of Employment staff


Notifications of Award come back to the contact persons named in the application, (i.e. VP/Dev, Grants Coordinator, Project Director/PI).

Grants Coordinator and Controller set up the grant general ledger account and budget.

Grants Coordinator creates documentation for team (i.e. notebooks if needed, grant contact information, timelines for reporting, budget spreadsheets, time & effort reports, etc.).

Grants Coordinator convenes an initial grant information meeting of involved parties (often the same individuals involved in the Grant Development Team).  


  • Grant contacts and each individual’s responsibilities within the grant
  • Purpose of the grant
  • Main outcomes of the grant
  • Main deliverables from the grant
  • Relevant granting agency guidelines
  • Grant timeline
  • If student participants are included, the process for registering students in the program
  • Time & Effort reporting requirements
  • Travel authorizations and expense reporting
  • Reporting schedules required by the granting agency
  • Budget
  • Procurement processes and competitive access for vendors
  • Equipment purchase requirements (if applicable)

Grants Coordinator sets up schedule in Outlook for reporting and shares with project manager.

Grants Coordinator monitors grant to ensure that college policies and procedures and granting agency regulations and guidelines are being met. 


  • Time & Effort reporting for all individuals paid by grant funds (Details)
    • Time & Effort reports will be prepared for each individual based on their function and duties within the grant
  • Approval of all grant requisitions/purchase orders for grant funds (Details)
    • confirming that vendors used to procure grant funds have not been debarred
    • confirming that fund requests against grant budgets are reasonable, allowable, and allocable to that particular grant based on college procurement policies and granting agency regulation
    • confirming that college procurement processes are followed according to the following sequence:
      • competitive pricing is secured
      • requisitions are completed
      • purchase order is issued
      • goods or services are ordered
      • goods and services are received
      • purchase order is reported to the business office as received
      • invoice is received
      • voucher is issued
      • check is written
      • NOTE: Invoices from vendors cannot pre-date a purchase order (except travel receipts, estimates for which are pre-authorized through the travel authorization).
  • Ensure that travel authorizations and travel/expense reports are completed for all travel within the grant according to the following timeline: (Travel Forms) (Details)
    • Travel authorization is submitted to Grants Office 2 weeks prior to travel, signed by traveler and the grant supervisor (authorizing travel on the grant and funds are available) (Travel Authorization). If traveler’s direct supervisor is not the grant supervisor, form must be signed by this person as well authorizing the traveler to travel.
    • Within 10 days of returning from grant-funded travel:
      • Requisitions for receipts are submitted to the business office with originals receipts
      • Travel/expense report is submitted to the Grants Office and must include copies of all receipts for the entire travel with requisition/PO numbers
      • Cannot include alcoholic beverages
  • Ensure that measurable outcomes of each grant are being met (Details)
    • Each year, the Grants Office convenes at least three cross-campus video conference meetings for all grant project managers to report on the progress of their grant and to discuss issues with which they require senior management assistance.
  • Ensure reporting requirements are being met (Details)
    • Grants Coordinator receives copies of all reports sent to granting agencies
  • Ensure that all close-out documentation is completed


Grants Coordinator & Controller close out the grant (as a State Organization, NWCCD is required to keep records for 5 years after final audit.)

Grants Coordinator & Controller destroy files after 5 years.