FERPA TRAINING (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

What are the 2 basic steps that N.W.C.C.D. – Sheridan College/Gillette College must  follow to be in compliance with FERPA?

1.  Notify current students annually in writing of their rights under FERPA.
  • - Right to seek amendment or correction of educational records
  • - Right to have some control over the disclosure of information from education records except when release is permitted by law
  • - Right to file complaints with the Family Policy Compliance Office, United States Department of Education, within 180 days of alleged violation
2.  Grant access by students or parents, if applicable, to education records.
  • - Students and former students have the right to inspect and review their education records through established procedures.
  • - Within a maximum of 45 days after written request is received.
  • - Institution or agency is not required to provide a copy of the education record unless failure to do so would deny access.
  • - Records cannot be destroyed if request is pending.
  • - Fee can be charged unless cost prohibits access.
  • - Students and former students have the right to review records of requests for disclosure of their personally identifiable information.
  • - Institution needs to maintain records of  requests and make them available to students.


DOE FERPA website