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All employees are evaluated annually. Evaluations may be completed more frequently if the supervisor determines it necessary.

Faculty members are administratively evaluated under the direction of the chief academic officer by the immediate supervisor and/or the chief academic officer.  Evaluation is based on performance as a faculty member, which includes the job description and established goal performance.

Executives and administrative staff are evaluated by their immediate supervisor based upon the job description and established goal performance. The Board of Trustees evaluates the President.

Classified Staff members are evaluated by their immediate supervisor based primarily on job-description performance.  Goal performance evaluation is encouraged in jobs compatible with this system.

Evaluation Procedures

All faculty, classified staff and administrators are evaluated annually, using job descriptions and goal performance as the basis for review. Vice presidents, deans, directors and classified staff are evaluated by their immediate administrative supervisors while faculty members are evaluated by directors and/or division chairs and the Vice President, Instruction and Student Services.

Self-evaluations shall be made by all personnel but do not become a part of an employee’s personnel record.¬† Self-evaluations are designed for introspective usage and self-improvement.

Evaluations are designed in part to assess need for self-improvement; to assist in establishing goal performance improvement objectives in the next contract year; to help identify usage for faculty and staff development funds; and to establish a basis for or against incremental awards.
Evaluations should be expressed in these three scales:

  • Evaluation is equal to or greater than the standard expected.¬† Merit increments granted.
  • Short-term evaluation (6 months or less) may make an accurate evaluation impossible.¬† In such cases, incremental awards should be withheld and a new evaluation conducted at the end of the 12 month period.¬† Incremental awards can then be awarded.¬† Subsequent favorable evaluations for the next fiscal year may result in an additional incremental award.
  • Performance is below standard which results in a probationary status.¬† Improvement objectives must be established.¬† Merit increments are not recommended.

Evaluation Appeal Process
Employees may use the established Grievance Procedures to appeal an evaluation.  Appeals are not designed to change evaluations, but to determine the equity and fairness of the evaluation.
Evaluation Time Line

All faculty evaluations shall be completed by February 15 of each academic year.  Staff

evaluations shall be completed by May 1 of each year.  An employee on probation may have additional evaluations as scheduled by his/her immediate supervisor to ensure goal-performance objectives are being met.