Payroll Deduction Codes


FICM Medicare 1.45%
FICA Social Security 6.2%
FWHS Federal Withholding Tax- Single
FWHM Federal Withholding Tax- Married


WRSB Wyoming Retirement-Employee Contribution
TRSB TIAA-CREF Retirement- Employee Contribution


SDRA Dependent Day Care Reimbursement Account
SMRA Medical Reimbursement Account
SHS1 Health Insurance-1st half of monthly deduct
SHS2 Health Insuracne- 2nd half of monthly deduct
SHSB Health Insurance deduct
SPSB Prevent Dental-Family or Spouse/Dependent portion
SDSB Optional Dental-Family or Spouse/Dependent portion
SHT1 Health Insurance-1st half of monthly deduct- pre-taxed
SHT2 Health Insurance-2nd half of monthly deduct- pre-taxed
SHTB Health Insurance deduct- pre-taxed
SPTB Prevent Dental- Family or Spouse/Dependent portion- pre-taxed
SDTB Optional Dental-Family or Spouse/Dependent portion- pre-taxed
SLDP Dependent Life Insurance


L3 Prudential Life Insurance
SF Sheridan Foundation
GF Gillette Foundation
WE Wyoming Education Association