(From Policies and Procedures, “Faculty and Staff Wage, Salary and Employment Policy and Staff Wage and Employment Policy,” Section 4000, Series 4000, Page 5)

VIII. Wage/Salaries

Original wage/salary placement is based on educational qualifications, job related skills and special competencies as well as amounts, types, and quality of relevant work experience. Original placement shall consider current employees with similar experience and qualifications and will not normally equal or exceed them.

Wage and salary increases for all categories are considered annually by the Board of Trustees. Recommendation for an incremental award is based upon job performance as determined by evaluation. Employees hired after January 15 will not be eligible for an increment that becomes effective July 1 of the same year. Increments and other wage/salary considerations are solely within the discretion of the Board of Trustees and are subject to the availability of funds as determined by the Board.

Classified staff, non-exempt status under the FLSA, are paid on an hourly rate. Hourly time sheets or time-clock records shall be maintained. All overtime worked must be approved in advance by the employee’s immediate supervisor. Compensation for overtime shall be made in accordance with applicable provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1985, amended.

If the total hours worked are less than forty (40) hours weekly, payment shall be made on the basis of the hourly rate times the hours worked.

Exempt employees are not eligible for either overtime or compensatory time.

Employees may render professional and technical services not in conflict with their assignments. They may receive compensation there from as long as these services do not interfere with teaching effectiveness or conflict with the interests of the College and occur outside the individual’s scheduled assignment. College facilities and equipment may only be used for these purposes with the permission of the College president.

Any compensation earned by an employee from an outside source during his/her scheduled
assignment, with the exception of travel, room and board costs, shall be remitted to the College. Paid vacation or personal leave are not part of a scheduled assignment. Public or professional service such as jury duty and professional accreditation activities are exempt.